This is my core contention: We live in a Mysterious, yet deeply coherent universe. Absence implies presence. Need implies holding. Our hidden longing is indication of Hidden Intimacy awaiting us. 

Hidden Intimacy is available now. And now. And now. The Holding we most require is as close as           this tender breath.  


Hidden holding.com is a companion to www.eightysevenminutes.com, a site designed to help explain some of why we suffer and to help us make sense of our need for presence. Hiddenholding.com is designed to help build a daily practice as a means of accessing the presence we are hardwired to know.

I’ve come to the conclusion that accessing more information (more reading, new ideas) will never adequately address our experience of absence. Simply said: Having a daily practice (within a broad range of how that might be defined) is as crucial a skill-set as any I can imagine. 

The issue of building a daily practice has nothing to do with working our way toward enlightenment or grace. These are always with us, fully present. The issue of a daily practice has to do with allowing roots to deepen in the unseen, yet present Ground of Presence that is so easily dismissed by our well-engrained procedural certainty (negative beliefs about ourselves, others, and the nature of the universe).

The cultural, knowledge-based assumption of our modern world is that we're lacking essential information or needed insight. I'd gladly trade 11,000 new insights for a simple practice that brings me deeper than novel information and wonderful insight. My procedurally conditioned mind tells me something is always lacking. Nothing is lacking. I need a practice that drops below my procedural mind, building roots (and immediate access) to the Presence that nourishes now.

And now.

And now.

On any given day, I’d happily trade 9 remarkable ideas for a single, tender breath.

On any given day, this trust in a single, tender breath is grounded in my regular practice of meditation, one that - over the years - has helped me build a capacity to more fully receive a single, tender breath.

Hiddenholding.com offers several options: 

1.    One Month of Daily Practice – brief readings to be considered each day prior to a simple breathing practice
2.    Video Instruction – videos designed to graphically explain the breathing practice being suggested on this site
3.    New Writing – further musings on the nature of finding presence-in-absence
4.    Reader Responses – comments from readers of eightysevenminutes.com 
5.    Aroran: Shared Prayer – a twitter-based website where brief prayers for ourselves and others can be shared anonymously. (No twitter account is required and tweets will not show up on your twitter feed) You will initially be shown a burning candle. You can then click the arrow in the upper right corner to be lead to the written prayers.

Thank you.

eightysevenminutes.com  Graffiti on a vacant store front in Amsterdam


Graffiti on a vacant store front in Amsterdam

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