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Kent Hoffman received his doctorate in 1975 from the Claremont Graduate School of Theology focusing on the interface between psychological crisis and struggles within relationship. In 1991 he received post-doctoral certification in psychoanalytic psychotherapy with the Masterson Institute of New York City. Kent has worked with psychiatric patients in prison, individuals with terminal cancer, survivors of sexual abuse, and the homeless on the streets of Los Angeles and Spokane. He also maintains a private practice.

Along with his colleagues Bert Powell and Glen Cooper, Kent co-founded Circle of Security® International. Based up their decades of research with at-risk parents,they currently teach their approach to professionals around the world.

He has also been a clinical consultant for attachment-related interventions at the University of Virginia, University of Maryland, Tulane University, and Queensland Institute of Technology. One of his great joys has been teaching the Psychology of Intimacy at Gonzaga University.

Kent and his colleagues received the Governor’s Child Abuse Prevention Award in Washington State and the 2013 Bowlby-Ainsworth Award for early intervention. They recently published The Circle of Security Intervention (Guilford Press/2013) and are currently working on a book for parents.

As a practitioner of Zen mindfulness meditation and Christian contemplative practices over the past 40+ years, Kent is continually seeking an integration of psychological need and spiritual practice. 

Kent and his wife Kim live in the hills outside of Spokane, Washington. Their son farms in the San Juan Islands, off the coast of Washington.

Kent welcomes your responses to this website and He can be reached at